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Dan Kirchheimer

Lead Guitar

An on-again, off-again (currently "off-again") member of the Fish, Dan has played with the band on many occasions since the very beginning. In 1996, impressed by musical strides the band was making, as well as the dearth of playing opportunities to be found in his new neighborhood, Dan joined the Fish as a mostly-full-time lead guitar player.

Dan has been playing guitar since 1984. His personal tastes run towards Chicago Blues. Not one to be limited to a specific genre, Dan is also a big fan of Delta Blues, Rhythm & Blues, and many other esoteric forms of the Blues. It is no doubt a source of continual irritation that he finds himself in a solidly non-blues-oriented Rock band, but he sticks with it anyway, presumably for the chicks.

Dan is a founding member of Trilon, Inc, where he engages in the crucial activity of "needling Hagan".

Dan's hobbies include the collecting and restoration of old fountain pens, cooking fabulous barbecued ribs, and talking to his wife.