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Mike Ward

Lead Vocals

Mike is the newest member of the Electric Fish, joining up in January of 1995. He was recruited by John Hagan after John saw him singing Wilson Pickett songs dressed as a Romulan.

Mike is also the only non-engineer in the band and as such brings a more right-brained approach to things like remembering song lyrics.

Bolstered by several shots of Jack Daniels and memories of a recent Who concert, Mike launched his singing career in June 1974 at the Cement Belt Fair with a band named Gern.

Since then, he's gone through his sensitive acoustic phase with a folk/rock duo, Silver Lake, a straight ahead dope smokin' beer drinkin band (Delusions of Grandeur, which wasn't their real name, but should have been), a rock and roll evolution of Silver Lake called Breakfast of Champions, and a Rhythm and Blues/Motown band, The Shades.

Because he's the singer, Mike is the de-facto business agent of the Fish. Should you wish to book the band, he's the guy you need to talk to.